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Great Bibs!

We love the smock bibs! They give full coverage and they’re easy to clean.

Food catcher

Life saver - a must have if your child is starting solids
It saved a huge amount of time when it came to cleaning.

Review from Poland

I got my High Chair Food Catcher 2 weeks ago and since then I'm in love with it, my floor also loves Food Catcher :). It is 3 times EASY: easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean.

Clothes saver!

We love this smock, it fits perfectly and keeps all the messes at bay. I love taking this with me when we go out because I can dress my baby in cute clothes and not have to worry about mealtime messing them all up. Also super versatile for messy play too and just love that it matches our high chair catcher. Super cute!

Outfit saver!

This smock is the one you need! This is the only smock I have found to fit my guys little neck due to its adjustable clasps, it’s also so soft and movable unlike the horrible plastic smocks. Its full coverage really ensures that the outfit underneath stays clean! 👌🏾

True suction!

Hands down this is my favourite plate and bowl! The suction on these is mighty, little fingers aren’t throwing this one! This set really is fantastic and such great value, this is the only set we use in our house! Love 💓

Summer essential!

I absolutely love this wet bag, coming in to summer it’s perfect to keep those sopping wet swimmers! It’s a great size and fits perfect in the nappy bag! I also love its convenient strap to hang up! It really is a summer essential 💓💓

Love it!

This keeps my toddler dry and clean so well! The elastic around the wrist is tight enough that no spillage goes down the arm and the sleeve doesn’t cover the hands, but it’s also not too tight that it hurts. I love that there are 3 push buttons at the back for adjustment/growing room so no food slips down the front. This has been an issue for me with previous other brands as my babies are quite petite! I highly recommend this product!


We love our food catcher! It has been amazing for cleaning up with a baby that likes to drop her food! No more floor mess, just remove and empty. Such a fantastic product!

The best starter set!

This set has been absolutely perfect for our feeding journey! My youngest loves being independent and holding her own cutlery and the chunky handles make it so easy! Definitely recommend this feeding set!

Perfect for easy clean up!

We love our smock bib! It’s so good for mealtime or messy play. Easy to put on and quick to take off, and the designs are gorgeous!

Love it!!

Our smock has been a lifesaver at keeping clothes clean during meal times! I love how adjustable it is, the wide catch zone for the pocket and the little elastics around the wrists for a snug fit! It’s been the perfect addiction to our messy meal times and our messy sensory play! It’s easy to wipe down or throw in the washing machine

Loooove it

We love This wet bag,it’s multifunctional bag. I can nearly put everything in the bag. Diapers,wet clothes,snacks,towel ect. And they are comes in cute print too 💝💝
Last week I used this wet bag for my 9years old short and towel coz he got swimming lesson at school. So handy and great for organising things.

High Chair Food Catcher
Jemma Rutherford
The absolute GAME-CHANGER

Our high chair food catcher has been the best product so far for our feeding journey. There’s not a day that this isn’t used in our house! I love how easy it is to clean and how I can also attach it to my table. So far our catcher has caught everything from drink bottles, cutlery, bowls, plates and every last drop of food!


These bags are a perfect size for all kinds of things! So far I have used it for dirty clothes, snacks, sunscreen and drinks. These are the highest quality wet bags I own.

Easy Easy Easy!!

This bib is fantastic, easy to put on, easy to wash and easy to throw in your nappy bag!

Actually works

It actually catches the food! My baby throws everything and this actually catches it makes it so much easier to clean up

The perfect bib

We absolutely love this bib, it’s so soft and the perfect size with an adjustable neck! My favourite part is that is is so easy to wash and dry ready for the next messy meal! Love love love

Must have products!

Where do i start.. I am amazed at how affective the food catchers are!! I was a little sceptical before I'd tried them as to how much food they would actually catch but WOW they catch 99.9% of my messy eaters food! And the cutlery is just perfect for little hands to hold whilst learning to feed themselves and the plates and bowls are the first I've ever used that actually stay stuck on, they are amazing!! So many wonderful products all in the one place makes life so much easier in so many ways! Thank you mummas little Helpers!
Regards Kellie (Ryders mum)

Love the size!

The plate and bowl are the perfect size, there is plenty of room for food!
I love that the little fork and spoon is small enough for the babies to hold and feed them self!

Messy Mealtimes really do, be gone!

We've had this set set-up for a week now, which also means it's been a week since I've needed to use anything other than a cloth to clean-up after my 10 month old's feeds; and I can hardly believe it, because prior to, I almost always had to drag out the mop.
But now all the bits and pieces that miss my daughter's mouth drop directly into the catcher - so as soon as she's done, I simply scoop it all out and pop them straight into the bin.
Paired with the perfect bib, bowl and plate - that actually stay suctioned to the high chair tray, I couldn't recommend this more.
It's an incredible product, and a true investment for your family!

The colour is so bright and fun

Leo loves his bib! It’s so easy to clean I just pop it in the dishwasher!

High Chair Food Catcher
Natalie Darlene Yeo
Best food catcher!

This product is really such a genius idea! So thankful for this product! Without this product, my floor would be covered with food thrown by the bubs! Make cleaning so easy! Love it! Highly recommend!

Amazing bib!

Such an amazing bib, it really catches most of the things that comes out of my bubba's mouth! Makes my clean up job so much easier!

Love this set!

The colours are so bright and joyful. Bub loves holding onto his own spoon and fork whilst eating. It’s also so easy to seperate the food for him and he gets to appreciate the colours.