FAQs – Mumma’s Little Helpers


  • Will the Food Catcher fit my high chair?

Leading high chairs compatible with, but not limited to include:

Ikea Antilop, Ikea Langur, Peg Perego Prima,Target Snacka, Kmart Prandium Kmart Clouds High Low, BigW Childcare Uno, BigW Childcare Orb, BigW Modi High Chair, Mothers Choice Breeze, Mothers Choice Egg 3-in-1, 4Baby Flatfold, 4Baby Orbit, 4Bay Diner, Aldi Mamia, Little Lou Switch, Joie Mimzy Snacker, Joovy Nook, Infa Secure Essen, Stokke Clikk.

Leading high chairs that required footrest adjustment to ensure optimal fit include:

Stokke Tripp Trapp, Aldi Bubstar, Mocka, Mothers Choice Timba. 

Please see guide below for further chair compatibility guidance.

If you are still unsure if the Food Catcher will fit, please contact us.


  • What adjustments should I make when installing the Food Catcher with the Stokke Trip Trapp or equivalent type high chiar?

There are a few ways to set the food catcher up on the Stokke.

Firstly the 2 steps (seat + footrest) should be setup nearer to the top of the stokke configuration otherwise the food catcher will be too short to go all the way under the bottom foot rest.

Option 1 - Attach it to the back of the Stokke and front to the tray attachment. See video for details.

Option 2 - Attach the back of the food catcher to the bottom of the seat rest on the Stokke and attach the Stokke legs to the back velcro fasteners on the food catcher. Then either attach the front of the catcher to the Stokke tray, OR attach the front of the food catcher to the table in front of where you use the Stokke high chair. 

It is recommended to keep the back holes closed when attaching it to the tray and wrap the front ones round the legs. If there is no tray, then it is recommended to close the front holes and wrap the back ones round the leg. The front part of the food catcher would then be secured under the dining table with the adhesive fasteners.

  • I'm having difficulty attaching my Food Catcher with the instructions.

Please contact us for help or follow this video instruction.

  • How do I get better stick with my suction plate or bowl?

Make sure the surface to which you are attaching it is clean and does not have a greasy residue. Wet wipes also leave a residue that limits suction success. The suction part of the plate also needs to be free from residue.

When placing the base onto the surface press from the middle and then the edges to ensure the whole suction base is in contact with the surface. Sometimes a slightly dampened surface helps with the suction.

The suction depends on the condition and material of the surface. It may not stick to damaged or uneven surfaces or rough, unsealed porous surfaces. Sometimes these two just don’t go together.

  • How long does delivery take?

Please refer to our shipping policy.

  • If it doesn't work for us can I return it?

If you find your Food Catcher does not make your life easier you can return for a refund less postage within 2 weeks of receiving your Food Catcher. The refunded amount will be via gift card. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unused and in its original packaging.

The adhesive must not to be stuck onto the laminate as it permanently damages it and can not be refunded.

Please contact us for any help with your Food Catcher as perhaps the issue needs an adjustment on your chair and can be trialed before you decide to return.