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Brick & Toy Tipper Mat

Brick & Toy Tipper Mat

The perfect solution for play and pack away time.

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A mat with a twist.

The Brick & Toy Tipper Mat lays flat to put all your toys on. When it's clean up time you pick it up from the corners, hold it like a sack over the toy box and open the bottom flap for all the toys to fall out quickly and easily. 

I always liked the idea of a play mat - but couldn't find anything that worked with my safety requirements of no draw strings and something that could be emptied easily (I'm a box and put away mum, not a bag hanging or have a sack in the corner parent). I need set up and clean up ease. So simple the kids can do it!

The tabs on the corners connect together to become a carry sack. You can fill it with toys if you are going to a park, beach or friends place. You decide how big you want to open the bottom so if you just want to shake out sand, it's easy done. 

All machine washable and easy maintenance as well. It isn't just for Lego, it is the perfect solution for play and pack away time for all your toys.