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High Chair Compatibility

Will the FOOD CATCHER™ fit my High Chair?


We've designed our FOOD CATCHER™ to be universally compatible with nearly all high chairs and booster seats, fitting most four-legged and some two-legged high chairs. Thanks to its innovative Velcro fasteners, our FOOD CATCHER™ offers unparalleled versatility. It is easy to setup with its clever built-in adhesive fasteners that can be attached anywhere to suit your chair.
If the high chair has a tray, the front section can be attached to the tray. If the high chair does not have a tray then the adhesive fasteners can be secured to the dining table. No need for chair disassembly.

    High Chair Food Cacthy Catcher Stokke Ikea Mother Choice

    100% Compatiable High Chairs - BigW, Ikea, Kmart, Target

    100% Compatible with most four-legged high chairs, dinning chairs and bar stools.

    Leading high chairs compatible with, but not limited to include:

    • 4Baby Diner Highchair
    • 4Baby Easy Highchair Grey
    • 4Baby Flat Fold Highchair
    • 4Baby Icon 2-in-1 Wooden High Chair
    • 4Baby Orbit 2 In 1 Highchair
    • 4Baby Regency Highchair
    • Aldi Mamia High Chair
    • Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair
    • Babystudio Super Slim Flat Fold High Chair
    • Babywise Contento High Chair
    • Bebe Care Zuri High Chair
    • BigW Chicco Pocket Meal Highchair
    • BigW Childcare 360 Degree High Chair
    • BigW Childcare Cloud 360
    • BigW Childcare OrbHigh Chair
    • BigW Childcare Pip High Chair
    • BigW Childcare Uno High Chair
    • BigW Modi High Chair
    • Chicco Polly Highchair
    • Evolu 2 High Chair
    • Ikea Antilop High Chair
    • Ikea Langur High Chair
    • Infa Secure Essen High Chair
    • Jengo Regent Deluxe Highchair
    • Joie Mimzy 2 In 1 Highchair
    • Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair
    • Joie Multiply 6 in1 Highchair
    • Joovy Nook High Chair
    • Kmart Clouds High Low High Chair
    • Kmart Flat Fold Highchair
    • Kmart Geo High Low Highchair
    • Kmart Prandium High Low Chair
    • LALO - The Chair
    • Little Lou Switch High Chair
    • Love n Care Montana High Chair
    • Maxi Cosi Minla Highchair
    • Mothers Choice Breeze High Chair
    • Mothers Choice Egg 3-in-1 High Chair
    • Peg Perego Prima Pappa Follow Me Highchair
    • Redsbaby HILO 1& 2 High Chair
    • Steelcraft Sit & Relax Highchair
    • Stokke Clikk High Chair
    • Target Siesta High Chair
    • Target Snacka 2 in 1 Highchair
    • Tikk Tokk Little Boss High Chair


    Adjustments - Stokke Tripp Trapp

    Compatible with minor adjustmenst. Leading high chairs that required adjustment to ensure optimal fit include:

    Stokke Tripp Trapp, Aldi Bubstar, Mocka, Mothers Choice Timba.

    The main adjustment that is required to fit a two-legged chair involves leaving one of the two sets of leg holes pressed closed. Particularly with the Stokke Tripp Trapp, it is recommended to keep the back holes closed when attaching it to the tray and wrap the front ones round the legs. If there is no tray, then it is recommended to close the front holes and wrap the back ones round the leg. The front part of the food catcher would then be secured under the dining table with the adhesive fasteners.

    Not Compatiable
    Not compatible with single legged chairs, extra wide legged chairs, camping style chairs, table attached chairs. 
    If you are still unsure if the Food Catcher will fit, please contact us. 

    Attaching your high chair Food Catcher only takes 2 minutes 

    Attaching your Food Catcher to Stokke Tripp Tapp or similar high chairs 

    Cleaning your Food Catcher is quick and easy


    Based on 575 reviews
    Pink smock bib

    Such a great product! Easy to put on, easy to clean and we love the colour!
    It has a little food catcher at the front which is convenient as my little one is still getting the hang of holding her food

    Perfect for all ages

    This bottle is so versatile, I'm able to use it with my 1.5 year old and 4 year old. They are constantly fighting for it


    This is a perfect bundle to get your little ones introduced with food

    Food catcher and silicone feeding set

    We were kindly gifted these two products and we love it. Food catcher is the best item we use this every time and so easy to clean. On the other hand feeding set has such a strong suction and the cutlery is so cute perfect for small tiny fingers. We absolutely love everything. Highly recommend to everyone.

    Game changer

    We absolutely love our feeding set, it has the perfect sized utensils for those tiny little hand! The food catcher is in absolute game changer when it comes to keeping your space clean! Highly recommend to any mumma starting their little ones out on solids

    Waste saver!

    Our silicon plate and spoons have been a fabulous way for my now 7 month old to be introduced to good. The suction bowl and plate connects well to the table, and I can trust that the food won't go flying. She enjoys feeding herself and is getting the hang of using the spoons.

    Our silicon bowl have been a fabulous way for my now 7 month old to be introduced to good. The suction bowl and plate connects well to the table, and I can trust that the food won't go flying. She enjoys feeding herself and is getting the hang of using the spoons.

    Food catcher, what a game changer!

    Wow, what can I say other than what an absolute game changer! Having children in the house with extra needs means food on the floor is a sensory overload for them! This food catcher keeps food off the floor by catching the food that is thrown, keeping my floors cleaner for longer! It is so easy to install, with Velcro. We have a large high chair but the universal fit really makes it easier. When it's time to clean, it's as simple as tearing the Velcro and giving it a shake, we even hose it off for an effortless time. Love our food catcher!

    As good as I'd hoped for and excellent communication

    We ordered the sloth print catcher, blue smock and bowl, cup, plate and utensils. Its been absolutely perfect for starting our 6 month old on solids. Would definitely recommend


    So bloody handy having everything you need in one bargain bundle! I wish I had this with my first born but it’s been so handy with 2 under 3! MLH for life 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Best for starting solids

    The food catcher has made cleaning so much easier and the silicone feeding tools are gentle on little teeth, easy to clean and easy for the little one to hold and feed himself.
    A must for every parent !

    Absolutely love

    The high chair food catcher and silicone feeding set has been an absolute game changer! The quality is amazing, the high chair food catcher was so easy to install and looks great! It was able to catch all the food my little one throws! The silicone food set is highly durable and even sticks down on the high chair well so my little one can’t throw the whole plate! Thank you so much!

    The best thing ever invented.

    Truly the food catcher is a complete life saver. I can not recommend this product enough, so easy to set up and clean. Also saves so much time not having to clean the floors after meal time!

    This is the perfect on the go lunchbox. Great for taking to a play date or when on the run. We use this almost daily. Big enough for all the snacks and meals and super easy to clean being dishwasher friendly, plus no leaks!

    Hands down our favourite lunchbox!

    We have had quite a few different lunch boxes and bento boxes over the years, and this one is BY FAR my favourite! It seals super well, so we have had no issues with spills, and my 18 month old can open it on her own with no trouble. It’s spacious, easy to clean, and the colour is gorgeous!

    Our favourite snack box!

    The Mumma’s Little Helpers bento snack box has been super versatile for me and my daughter, small enough to easily pack snacks to take on the go, but also big enough to fit a lunch if needed too. It’s a great size for my little girl, and the dusty pink colour is perfect.

    We love our MLH Bento Lunch box!

    We have this for our son and it is the perfect size for him, and easy to open while also keeping the food secure inside. No mess!


    A brilliant tool to have for introducing solids! I've been able to give foods that would otherwise make me anxious (blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc)

    It sticks!

    A suction plate that actually suctions!
    I love the high sides so that it can function as both a plate and a shallow bowl!

    Functionality 👌

    I love that it does what it says! It catches food and the bonus is that I can just throw it in the dishwasher

    So much food fits in here!

    The bento sections are really deep, great for those hungry kids! I manage to squeeze 2 sandwiches cut into quarters in the large section, and a muffin or a cupcake easily fits in the smaller section

    The best addition to our kitchen!

    We couldn't be more impressed with this set. In addition to being available in so many gorgeous colours; the dividers are deep, the silicone is easy to clean, and we don't have to worry about any leaks when we use them - because the lunchboxes are also spill-proof! Strongly thank Mummas Little Helpers, and strongly recommend.

    Lovely size

    Love this little lunch box, Fits a sandwich cut in half and love the smaller sections for snacks. The colour is gorgeous 😍

    Perfect little snack box

    Perfect for yoghurt or fruit and taking snacks on the go!

    Great Value For Money Lunch Box Bundle

    love these lunch boxes. The are so easy for the kids to get open and closed and I love the fact that they go in the dishwashers. They are such a great alternative to the plastic ones we have always used.