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High Chair Compatibility

Will the Food Catcher fit my High Chair?
We've designed our food catcher to be universal, fitting most four-legged and some two-legged high chairs! It is easy to setup with its clever built-in adhesive fasteners that can be attached anywhere to suit your chair.
If the high chair has a tray, the front section can be attached to the tray. If the high chair does not have a tray then the adhesive fasteners can be secured to the dining table.

    High Chair Food Cacthy Catcher Stokke Ikea Mother Choice

    100% Compatiable High Chairs - BigW, Ikea, Kmart, Target

    100% Compatible with most four-legged high chairs, dinning chairs and bar stools. Leading high chairs compatible with, but not limited to include:

    Ikea Antilop, Ikea Langur, Peg Perego Prima,Target Snacka, Kmart Prandium Kmart Clouds High Low, BigW Childcare Uno, BigW Childcare Orb, BigW Modi High Chair, Mothers Choice Breeze, Mothers Choice Egg 3-in-1, 4Baby Flatfold, 4Baby Orbit, 4Bay Diner, Aldi Mamia, Little Lou Switch, Joie Mimzy Snacker, Joovy Nook, Infa Secure Essen, Stokke Clikk Love n Care Montana.

    Adjustments - Stokke Tripp Trapp

    Compatible with minor adjustmenst. Leading high chairs that required adjustment to ensure optimal fit include:

    Stokke Tripp Trapp, Aldi Bubstar, Mocka, Mothers Choice Timba.

    The main adjustment that is required to fit a two-legged chair involves leaving one of the two sets of leg holes pressed closed. Particularly with the Stokke Tripp Trapp, it is recommended to keep the back holes closed when attaching it to the tray and wrap the front ones round the legs. If there is no tray, then it is recommended to close the front holes and wrap the back ones round the leg. The front part of the food catcher would then be secured under the dining table with the adhesive fasteners.

    Not Compatiable
    Not compatible with single legged chairs, extra wide legged chairs, camping style chairs, table attached chairs. 
    If you are still unsure if the Food Catcher will fit, please contact us.