High Chair Food Catcher

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KEEPS FOOD OFF THE FLOOR - Wide net catches falling food and saves your floors and carpets.

EASY TO CLEAN - Food and mess is collected in the catcher, simply scoop out and wipe down. 

MACHINE WASHABLE - Throw it in with a normal load of washing when needed.

FITS ANY 4-LEGGED CHAIR - Uses adhesive Velcro fasteners to attach to front and back. Versatility allows the product to grow with the baby from high chair to booster seat to toddler chair and beyond. Does it fit my high chair? 

PORTABLE - Folds compactly into included carry case to take with you.

SAVES STRESS LEVELS - Ideal for baby-led weaning and making feeding time and clean-up a breeze.

HOW MUCH HAS BABY EATEN - By seeing how much food has been collected in the catcher and not eaten.


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Shop Now Pay Later - Mumma's Little Helpers - High Chair Food Catcher Splat Mat

Easy to clean!

Save hours cleaning. Food and mess is collected in the catcher, simply scoop out and wipe down or for a deeper clean, toss it in the washing machine.

Universal Fit

Attaches to Most Highchairs - The Velcro fasteners make the product extremely versatile, allowing it to fit to almost all high chairs.

  Trusted by thousands of parents - Mumma's Little Helpers - High Chair Food Catcher Splat Mat

Easy to install!

Uses adhesive Velcro fasteners to attach to front and back. The front can be attached to the high chair tray or underside of table with no need for chair disassembly.

Multi use!

Ideal for baby-led weaning and sensory play, making feeding time and play time clean-up a breeze.

High Chair Food Catcher

$38.00 Regular price $42.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jemma Rutherford
The absolute GAME-CHANGER

Our high chair food catcher has been the best product so far for our feeding journey. There’s not a day that this isn’t used in our house! I love how easy it is to clean and how I can also attach it to my table. So far our catcher has caught everything from drink bottles, cutlery, bowls, plates and every last drop of food!

Natalie Darlene Yeo
Best food catcher!

This product is really such a genius idea! So thankful for this product! Without this product, my floor would be covered with food thrown by the bubs! Make cleaning so easy! Love it! Highly recommend!

Bianca Logan
Rainbow food catcher

We absolutely love the print of this catcher. The colours are so vibrant ❤️

Jasmine Oakley
The best thing since sliced bread! And it'll catch it for you!

Starting solids with my third baby has been hectic trying to feed three kids at once. This food catcher has been a huge help and saves me so much time cleaning up. And it means no crawling around on my hands and knees trying to clean the floor for the baby that is actually crawling on the floor. My only regret is that I didn't have one of these catchers when my older kids were starting solids. Get onto it!

Jessica Giaccotto
Amazing Food Catcher!

We absolutely LOVE our food catcher. Makes clean up times so much simpler!

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