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What to do when baby throws food? Highchair Catchy

What to do when my baby throws food?

 Baby throwing food

Do you feel frustrated with your little one throwing food?

Trust me, I’ve been there! Throwing food is normal exploration for our little ones. “What happens if I drop my food from the edge of the highchair?” Oh hello gravity! We really do have little scientists on our hands. The discovery and exploration of cause and effect is an important developmental milestone and whilst it can be frustrating, it is a natural and normal part of your child’s development.

So while it can be frustrating (ans messy!) the best thing we can do is to not react (tough right!?). Let them explore, and then calmly tell them food belongs on the table and place the food back. We want eating to be a positive and fun experience.

There could be a few other things at play too, such as not hungry, not liking the food or wanting to see your reaction. You can explore these when they are a little older as they move into the toddler years!

To make your (already busy) life a lot easier, we developed the award winning High Chair FOOD CATCHER.  It keeps all the mess contained and off the floor during mealtimes. Food is caught with its wide catch zone down the front, sides and lap area. The dropped or thrown food and mess is completely untouchable by Bub.

It is easy to setup with its clever built-in adhesive fasteners that can be attached anywhere to suit your chair. The FOOD CATCHER fits most 4-legged chairs as well as selected 2-legged high chairs.  It can be attached to the high chair tray or the underside of the dining table. To clean, simply scoop out the mess and wipe down or pop in the washing machine for deep clean. EASY! Available in a variety of colours and prints… There’s something there for everyone.


✔ Keeps dropped food off the floor

✔ Catches mess down front, sides and lap

✔ Perfect for Baby-Led Weaning

✔ Fits most 4-legged chairs

✔ Fits selected 2-legged high chairs

✔ Attaches to tray or under dining table

✔ Easy to wipe clean in-between meals

✔ Machine washable: weekly or as required

✔ Portable


Ready to make your mealtimes easier and cleaner? Follow the link to purchase your FOOD CATCHER

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